Choosing the right size is always a bit tricky, we know.

To help you we made the table size as simple as possible below. Just take one measurement (the waist) and you should be good to go.

In case of any doubt about the correct size to choose, contact us at [email protected] and we will assist you.

XS 70 28 60
S 75 30 65
M 80 32 70
ML 85 34 80
L 90 36 85
XL 95 38 90


WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE: Measure around the narrowest part of the waist (usually below the ribs), keeping the tape horizontal.

It is a bit tight when I wear it !

It is normal to feel a little bit tight and snug in the swimwear the first time you wear it.

We specifically designed and developped the swimwear with elite swimmer looking for the best fitting swimwear. It should be tight when dry, because when you dive in the water the fabric expand and adapt to your body and act like a second skin.

Contrary to most swimwear on the market using Polyester, Shark Rebellion swimwear are made of Polyamide 6 recycled from fishing net. This is a highly performant plastic that is also used in competitive racing suit that are known to be extremely tight to deliver the maximum performance.

The Polyamide 6 has a very high range of extension. It will expand and adapt to your body.

Polyester made suit are on the contrary much more rigid. They have an extension limit. This is why when you feel too tight in your polyester made swimwear, it is likely not the right size. This is not the case with Shark Rebellion swimwear.

We always recommend to take your true size, even if you feel tight and snug when dry, as it will have this second skin effect when you enter the water.

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