fight for the ocean, swim for the future

It is time to fight back

Oceans are earth’s greatest treasure.

The ever growing ocean pollution and global inaction pushed us to dive in and fight against it.

SHARK REBELLION is an eco-responsible Swiss company based in Lausanne that produces high-performance swimwear made of recycled nylon sourced from ocean waste.



All of our products are designed with minimal impact on the environment, especially the ocean. Our entire swimwear line is made of recycled plastic sourced from ocean waste or landfills.


Being sustainable does not mean sacrificing the performance. All of our products were tested and co-developped with elite and national champion in Switzerland to support them in their success.

community and unity

We believe in the power of the tribe. Shark Rebellion is more than a brand. It’s a movement, bringing responsible athletes to go beyond their limits while preserving our planet. Together we can make an impact.


protect the ocean

We never settle for ordinary. Each of our swimwear is a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence while preserving our ocean. Sustainability isn’t just a word. It’s coded in our DNA.



Experience the feeling of freedom like never before. Our high-performance fabrics made from recycled Nylon 6 are engineered to keep up with you, offering maximum flexibility, comfort, and endurance for your long swim and intense sessions.

it depends on you.


proud partner of swim teams

From the very beginning, we collaborated with swim clubs and elite swimmers to developp our swimwear line.

We are today very proud to be chosen as the official partner  swimming clubs and teams in Switzerland.

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media recognition

Launched in 2021 in Lausanne, SHARK REBELLION got the attention of various national and international media for the innovative stance we hold on sustainability, sport, and activism. See our live interview.


award winning brand

Following our Swiss roots, we pursued excellence and innovation in both our mission and our products. This was recognized by the PERL “Jury’s choice” award that we won in 2022.

The PERL is an annual award that reward the most promising companies in the canton de Vaud, Switzerland.


endorsed by elite

co-developped with athletes

We are proud to partner with elite swimmer, national champion and international recognized swimmer who shares our values about performance and the environment.

It is also key to understand them and better support them in their path to success.


“Your support means the world to us. It’s your trust in our mission that drives us forward every day.

During the toughest time of my life, the ocean and its beauty saved my soul. But over the years, I’ve also witnessed the alarming decline in its health due to pollution, overfishing, and climate change. Now more than ever, we need to act to protect it.

Together, we are creating a movement—a rebellion against the status quo. Thank you for being a part of it.”

-Hoàn, Founder and CEO 


Our mission


Our ambassadors


Those who made it possible

why we fight

The Ocean is our greatest treasure.

And yet, we ignore the tragedy that is currently unfolding right in front of our eyes. As if the vastness of the ocean and seemingly infinity would handle whatever we throw at it.

But the ocean is fragile, and must be preserved.

For too long we have neglected it. We can't continue to stand still and do nothing.

Now, we fight for the ocean.

our tribe

Each member of SHARK REBELLION shares the value of sport, dedication and sustainability.

We all have the choice to do what is right.

We all have the choice to go beyond our limit or to stay in our comfort zone.

The choice is yours.

It depends on you.


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