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Uniting for Ocean Conservation

At Shark Rebellion, we believe in the power of collaboration to effect positive change. Through our partnerships with organizations and institutions dedicated to ocean conservation, we are working together to protect marine life, combat plastic pollution, and promote environmental stewardship.

1. Healthy Seas: Rescuing Industrial Fishing Nets from the Ocean

One of our most impactful partnerships is with Healthy Seas, an NGO committed to combating plastic waste in our oceans. Healthy Seas conducts clean-up operations to remove industrial fishing nets discarded in the ocean, which pose a significant threat to marine life. These “ghost nets” can entangle marine animals and damage fragile ecosystems. By rescuing and recycling these nets, Healthy Seas is making our oceans safer for marine life.

Shark Rebellion is proud to be an official partner of Healthy Seas. A portion of each swimwear sold goes towards financing these vital clean-up operations, allowing us to contribute directly to the preservation of our oceans.

2. Malta National Aquarium: Promoting Ocean Education and Awareness

Our partnership with the Malta National Aquarium reflects our shared commitment to educating the public about the importance of marine conservation. As the largest aquarium in the country, the Malta National Aquarium serves as a sanctuary for a diverse array of marine species. Through educational workshops and exhibits, the aquarium raises awareness about the impacts of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems.

Shark Rebellion is honored to partner with the Malta National Aquarium in their efforts to combat plastic pollution. Our swimwear is showcased as a sustainable solution to plastic waste in the ocean, demonstrating our commitment to environmental sustainability and marine life protection.

Join Us in Making a Difference

At Shark Rebellion, we believe that collective action is the key to creating a brighter future for our oceans. Whether you’re a swimmer, an organization, or an individual committed to environmental conservation, we invite you to join us in our mission. Together, we can make a tangible impact on the health and vitality of our oceans, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

Join us in our fight against plastic pollution and marine degradation. Together, we can create a world where our oceans thrive, and marine life flourishes.

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why we fight

The Ocean is our greatest treasure.

And yet, we ignore the tragedy that is currently unfolding right in front of our eyes. As if the vastness of the ocean and seemingly infinity would handle whatever we throw at it.

But the ocean is fragile, and must be preserved.

For too long we have neglected it. We can't continue to stand still and do nothing.

Now, we fight for the ocean.

our tribe

Each member of SHARK REBELLION shares the value of sport, dedication and sustainability.

We all have the choice to do what is right.

We all have the choice to go beyond our limit or to stay in our comfort zone.

The choice is yours.

It depends on you.


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