What is shark rebellion ?

SHARK REBELLION is a swimwear company that fights for the ocean. Our products are made of post-consumer plastic and industrial fishing nets that pollutes the ocean.

We want to prove that it is possible to make sustainable products and maintain a high performance standard especially in technical sports like swimming.

who is behind SHARK REBELLION ?

SHARK REBELLION is the initiative of Hoàn NGUYEN-XUAN, a French-Swiss engineer, swimmer and certified PADI Rescue Diver living in Lausanne (Switzerland). During his Rescue Diver exam in open water, Hoàn was covered by plastic brought by current. Angry and heartbroken, he decided that it was enough. SHARK REBELLION was born.

Passionate about Design, sustainability and sport, Hoàn is dedicated to find solutions to the ever growing ocean pollution problem.



Our mission is to raise awareness about ocean pollution, decrease ocean waste and protect marine life. We are dedicating a portion of our profits to support initiatives like HEALTHY SEAS, an NGO that rescues ghost nets lost in the ocean.

We also gives free workshops to share, exchanges and educate students and corporations on sustainability.


are youR products any good ?

Well, that’s a legitimate question !

All of our products are extensively tested and approved by elite swimmers, national swimmers and swimming champions during their daily training.

The three swiss swimming champions (50M Free, 50M Breast, 50M Fly) are using our swimwear and have clocked more than 1000+Kms (220 hours) with them.



Thank you for your interest ! We are receiving a lot of applications and that warms our heart. We are always looking for new passionate and driven individuals ready to spread our message !

To become a SHARK REBELLION ambassador you need :

  • To share our values.
  • To be a swimmer with a good track record.
  • To be engaged on social networks and have a good reach with your audience.
  • To be an active communicator.

For more information click here


how much cost your swimwear ?

Fabric made of regenerated Nylon 6 sourced from post-consumer plastic and ghost nets that pollutes the ocean results in a higher cost of production however we want to keep sustainability affordable for all athletes.

Our swimwear ranges from 45.-CHF to 85.- CHF, which is equivalent to other high-end non-recycled swimwear from big brands.


How can I contact you ?

If you have any questions, any queries, you can contact us through our contact form.

We look forward to your message !

Any question that is still unanswered? 

Send us an email : [email protected] 


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