A 100% recycled PVC plastic sleeve to keep your swimwear and belonging dust and scratch free.

9.36 CHF

10% goes to HEALTHY SEAS to keep fighting for the ocean.


  • A 100% recycled PVC plastic sleeve designed to protect your swimwear from dust.
  • Store your wet swimwear after your swimming session in this convenient waterproof sleeve.
  • With its dedicated zipper you can use this waterproof sleeve to keep anything else, keys, wallet, phone and protect them from outside elements.
  • Be careful, this waterproof isn’t 100% waterproof due to the zipper, don’t immerse the plastic sleeve in water with your stuff inside.


SHARK REBELLION guarantee a hassle free return and exchange if the size does not fit you. We want you to have the best experience possible. Please read our return conditions.

product highlights

100% pvc recycled sleeve

The plastic sleeve has been designed with reusability in mind. With its durable 100% recycled PVC material, the plastic sleeve is waterproof and  dustproof.

Thanks to its zipper you can use it to store your keys, cards swimcaps and wet swimwear after your swimming session.


The Packaging reinvented

The waterproof plastic sleeve is a solution we had to found when we had to think about how to pack our swimwear and protect them from outside elements during transport.

Instead of choosing a one time use packaging like most brands do, we decided to design a premium packaging that can be reused after its initial purpose.


9.36 CHF

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why we fight

Ocean are our greatest treasure.

And yet, we ignore the tragedy that is currently unfolding right in front of our eyes. As if the vastness of the ocean and seemingly infinity would handle whatever we throw at it. 

But the ocean is fragile, and must be preserved. 

For too long we have neglected it. We can't continue to stand still and do nothing.

Now, we fight for the ocean.

our tribe

Each member of SHARK REBELLION shares the value of sport, dedication and sustainability.

We all have the choice to do what is right.

We all have the choice to go beyond our limit or to stay in our comfort zone.

The choice is yours.

It depends on you.



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